Where to Ski in Germany

Mark KilhamIt’s true, Germany and its neighbours provide a wealth of options when it comes to planning a weekend ski holiday. But what are some of the best places to invest your hard-earned time away from the office?

1. Garmisch-Classic. “Ski Like the Champions”

This skiing area is well-known for a reason. Garmisch-Classic not only features the trails from the Alpine Ski World Championship, but there are three mountains that offer something for every kind of skier at every skill level. Whether you choose to explore the Hausberg, the Kreuzeck or the Alpspitze at heights that rand from 700 to 2050 meters, you will not be disappointed. Additionally, if you get tired from skiing , you can always go sledding here!

 2. Spitzingsee – Tegernsee

This is another great ski area located in southern Germany – only seventy kilometers south of Munich. So if you live in the city and you don’t want to spend much time commuting to your skiing destination, then Spitzingsee is a great choice. In addition to this resort’s proximity to Munich, another advantage is that you can always count on the trails being properly covered in snow thanks to the artificial snow system in place there coupled with exposed heights of 980 meters to  1,693 meters above sea level.

Additionally, this ski resort has a number of conveniences that include chairlifts with protective covers, drag lifts and a gondola which means that you can truly have a great day with companions of varying skill levels and a diversity of physical abilities.

For those interested in snowboarding, it’s also important to note that the Burton snowpark on the Unteren Firstalm is considered an eldorado by snowboarders, and that professionals use it to train.

If you get tired of skiing, Spitzingsee, you can find a other outdoor activities as well, just look up their calendar in advance!

3. Nebelhorn / Oberstdorf

Located in the Allgäu region, the Nebelhorn is a favorite among locals because it offers more diversity than any other ski resort in that area. The Nebelhorn offers views like no other, and is home to the longest downhill run in all of Germany (at 7.5 km).

While that fact may make it seem like this is only a resort for the most advanced of skiers, that’s really not the case. Nebelhorn offers beginners and those who don’t ski a wonderful experience at the NTC park at the Seealpe station. There, visitors will find gentle slopes of varied terrain. Visitors to the park can engage in enjoyable winter activities like; snowtubing, skifox, snowcycling and more.

Germany and its neighbours are absolutely rife with great places to ski, but this list provides a great starting point for skiers of all levels and abilities.

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