Trip to 7 Rila Lakes & Melnik, Bulgaria

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The first of 7 Rila Lakes, what a view!

I recently took advantage of the quiet season at work during the summer to travel with my girlfriend to her home town Sofia, Bulgaria. I have visited Bulgaria on a number of occasions and the basics still remain unchanged – great fresh food, different culture and family. As Bulgaria borders Greece to the south, we decided clear blue water and beach sand was well overdue and jumped in the car bound seaside. On our way, we stopped of for a hike to the 7 Rila Lakes – a flagship tourist destination in Bulgaria and the sights are amazing. We then spent the night at a quaint little town called Melnik, know for its wine and unique mountain structure.

Mark Kilham, Munich, Financial Advisor,

Melnik Mountains

The first reported tribe to settle in Melnik were from Thracian decent called Medi, where the famous rebel Spartacus belonged. One of the attractions to the area is the Rozhen Monastery although the really interesting aspect is by far the natural sand pyramids in various forms, from giant mushrooms to clock towers spread over 17km. As previously mentioned, the Melnik wine is also of top calibre and the region begun producing in 1346. Renowned for its particularly strong wine, majority was exported to England and Austria and used to be a favour of Winston Churchill. We stayed in beautiful B&B that is owned my a local couple and came highly recommended from a friend. All the food was freshly grow in their garden and prepared to the highest quality. Wash that down with a glass of regional red wine and you have all the ingredients for a great evening! Next stop, Greece! Even through tough political and financial problems, this country has so much to offer – watch this space! All the best, Mark

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