Tips For Beginner Cyclists


Tips for beginner cyclists
Cycling is known as the use of bikes for recreational or sports related reasons. Many are becoming more and more interested in cycling as it provides numerous environmental and physical benefits. As with any activity, is it imperative that new beginners know and understand all the best ways to safely enjoy themselves while participating. Below you will find useful tips for every beginner cyclist. Bear in mind, there are many tips cyclers should know. These are just a few of the basics.

Beginner Tips:

Wear a helmet
In many states, the law requires that cyclist of all ages where helmets. These laws are in place for substantiated reasons as head injuries cause of 60 percent of all cycling deaths in the U. S. every year.

Use your bike gearsBe sure to shift into a gear that will help you keep your cadence in the right range of rpm’s when climbing hills. Also, try your best not to strain your knees by peddling in high gear for extended periods of time. Accomplish this by keeping your cadence between 70 and 90 rpm.

Get a bike fit
A proper bike fit will help you get a bike to fit your body and will make riding, especially long distances, easier and more efficient

Purchase the right saddle
Using the right saddle will make an immense difference when riding. Remember, the thickest padding won’t necessarily give you the most comfort. Try a longer seat with a cutout.

Be sure to switch positions while riding
Moving around will keep your body, arms, hands, and rear from getting numb due to the extended time of being in the same position.

Know the rules of the road
Aside from wearing a helmet,this may very well be one the most important tips of all. Obey the road signs. Always be sure to read and follow the signs. Ride with traffic, not against it.

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