The Beginner’s Guide to Wine

As a burgeoning viticulturist, I think it’s important to develop a strong foundation in understanding what elements differentiate one wine from another. But before getting into the various nuances of the differences in processes, grape growing conditions and the effects of aging, there are a few basics that anyone interested in learning about wine should know. The following tips will come in handy in understanding the differences in wine offerings in any context. Whether you are at dinner, on a vineyard or participating in a wine-tasting at a wine shop, keep the following tips in mind. The video focuses on using four of your senses when tasting your wine. Although your sense of smell is arguably the most important sense involved in tasting wine, your sense of sight, taste and touch (or feel) are also important supporting senses in fully experiencing a glass of wine.



An introduction to wine tasting from Cafe Rouge on Vimeo.

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Safa living in Munich, Germany. Lover of life hacks, sport and a cold beer on a warm day