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Packing for any trip is a hassle but hacking for a ski trip is an even bigger task. When packing for a spring or summer vacation our first inclination more often than not is to pack light. 3 or 4 swimsuits, flips flops, and a pair of sunglasses may seem sufficient. However, when the destination is a mountain top filled with snow and crisp cool air, packing light may not be the best option. Aside from the usual jeans, socks, underwear, and sleepwear, you’ll need to pack ski appropriate gear. Here are a few ski essentials you should pack for your next ski trip.

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Ski Accessories:

Sunscreen: The penetration of the sun can be brutal when you’re on the slopes. To avoid sunburn, be sure to pack sunscreen for any exposed body parts as well as lip balm.

Skis: There is no  sure fire way to know which type of ski you should be using. However, you should make sure the skis feel right to you on the snow and accommodate the way you want to ski.

Ski Boots: Ski boots should feel comfortable on your feet. They need to be tight but make sure they aren’t too tight.

Poles: To ensure your poles are the right size, turn the pole upside down and check to see if your arm is at a right angle with the base.

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Goggles: Some skiers prefer to wear sunglasses. While sunglasses may be highly fashionable, goggles will be more efficient in protecting your eyes from the snow.

Snow boots: These will definitely come in handy when you are not on the slopes.

Skiing Socks: Although the socks you normally wear may be comfortable, they simply won’t do you any good on the slopes. A good pair of ski socks made of wool or synthetic fibers will provide you with comfort, warmth, and help to avoid frostbite.

Sweaters/Fleece and  Long johns: It is important to wear layers of clothes to keep your body warm. While long johns  are preferred choice, you can also pack layers of that will be easy to put on and remove.

Jacket: Make sure your jacket is long enough to cover rear (just in case you are prone to falling), heavy enough to keep you warm, and comfortable enough to maneuver in.

Pants/Gloves: Similar to  every other piece of your ski clothing your pants and gloves need to be thick and warm and unless you prefer your pants and hands to be wet all day, they should be waterproof too!

Hat or Helmet/Neck Gator: While helmets are good for the purpose of safety, many expert skiers tend not to wear them. Even if you are an expert skier, be sure to pack a hat that covers your ears and a neck gator.


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