Pro Fitness Tip: Kettlebell Workout

Mark KilhamI recently started incorporating kettlebells into my gym workouts. There are a number of reasons for this – these are explosive exercises that incorporate the whole body, kettlebells build muscle and burn fat at the same time, these are functional exercises that improve everyday tasks and they are perfect if you are pressed for time! Not to mention that it is a lot more fun than sticking to the traditional gym workout.

Yesterday I tried out this workout recommended to me by my gym instructor. A single kettlebell complex is great for power, strength endurance, conditioning and fat loss. After the workout I felt an impact on my core, which is where kettlebells differ from more traditional workouts.

Use a kettlebell that is 70-80% of your 1 Rep maximum for one arm military press. Fort tips on proper form, see my presentation here.
Mark Kilham
The Warmup:
For the warm up I jumped on the rowing machine (one of the best cardio options in the gym) for 10 minutes and also pushups, dips, pull-ups and bodyweight squats.
The Workout:
1 X Swing
1 X Clean
1 X Front squat
1 X Push press
1 X Jerk
1 X Bent press
Switch arms and do the same on the other side.
Take 1 min rest. And start again.
Do 5 more rounds, for a total of 6 rounds.
Wait a couple of minutes then start the complex workout. It took me about 11 minutes or so with the 24kg beast kettlebell. Then I did one round of the complex with a 16 kg bell. Then one round with a 20kg bell.Make sure you are proficient with these movements on their own before trying a complex like this. One rep of each exercise doesn’t sound like much. But at these percentages, it is.
The Cool Down:
For cool down, I jumped onto a BOSU ball (half balance ball) standing on the flat part for 5 minutes. Just that little bit extra for a real core challenge is the cherry on the top!
Loads of fun and a great full body workout.


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