Just another Kettlebell workout – Part one by Mark Kilham

I know, I know…there are loads of guys and gals making videos about kettle bell training, but there is a reason for that. Since I first picked one up, I have loved Kettlebell training. Its amazing how one chunk of metal can have so many different full body exercises but best of all, train functional fitness. One of the biggest benefits is how you can get your heart rate jacked in such a short space of time for cardio and also build lean muscle all in one!

I purchased by first all in one-stop-shop gym tool from amazon here. I originally had a 24kg beast but for these workouts, lighter is better to keep your form. The following workout is done using 16kg and should take around 10minutes to complete, depending on your strength and fitness level. mark kilham, Munich, markkilham.org, kettlebell workout, kettle bell, markkilham
Massive credit to Keith Weber, the master of Kettlebells, for his ‘Flow Workout’. Check out his website here and his twitter handle here.

The workout consists of the following all done in 10 reps in total and little or no rest inbetween:

  • 2 handed swings
  • squats
  • slingshots
  • good mornings
  • upright rows
  • thrusters
  • windmills
  • overhead squats
  • figure 8
  • clean & press
  • snatch

For those of you new to kettle bells, I put together a short video for the above workout here.


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