How To: Homemade Sushi Roll

Although sushi rolls may seem like a dish better left to the pros at your favorite Japanese restaurant, they are actually quite simple to make, once you get the basics down. Recently I decided to try making a dinner of sushi rolls, seaweed salad, and sashimi from home, and was pleasantly surprised by the results.


Homemade sushi

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To make your own sushi rolls, follow the directions below, and make sure to customize it to your taste by choosing the filling(s) you like best, as well as by selecting the type of roll that’s your favorite.

There are a number of ways to construct a sushi roll. See the types below:

  • Hosomaki – These are very thin rolls about 2.5 cm in diameter that contain one main ingredient and are wrapped in nori.
  • Chumaki –  These are medium rolls about 2.5 to 3cm in diameter wrapped in nori that usually contain between 2 and 3 ingredients.
  • Futomaki – These rolls are thicker than the others and range from about 5 to 5.7 cm in diameter. These rolls are wrapped in nori and have between 4 and 5 ingredients in them.
  • Uramaki – These are known as inside-out rolls and have the nori on the inside.
  • Temaki – These are cone-shaped hand rolls wrapped in nori.

Although there are not very many ingredients involved in making sushi, you should first make the rice.

How to Make: Sushi Rice

Ingredients for Sushi Rice

  • 540mL of Japanese short grain rice
  • water
  • kombu
  • 80mL rice vinegar
  • 3tbsp sugar
  • 1.5 tsp salt

Directions for Sushi Rice

  • rinse 540 ml rice in water then drain once water is clear
  • soak rice for 30 minutes
  • then drain for 15 minutes
  • pour rice into a cooker bowl
  • add water to “sushi rice line”, just under 3 cups
  • clean the kombu with a damp towel
  • cook on sushi setting
  • place approx 80 mL of rice vinegar in the bowl
  • add 3tbsp white sugar and 1.5 tsp of salt
  • stir ingredients until well combined
  • rinse sushi oke
  • spread rice on suhi oke
  • add vinegar mix
  • mix rice with slicing motion
  • cool rice with a hand fan
  • keep rice covered until it’s ready to use

How to Make: Sushi Rolls

Ingredients for Sushi Rolls

  • nori (seaweed)
  • sushi rice
  • Tuna, cucumber (or other filling options)
  • rice vinegar
  • water
  • Makisu: Bamboo sushi rolling mat

Directions for Sushi Rolls

  • Make sushi rice, pour vinegar mix on top
  • cover w damp towel
  • remove ends from a persian cucumber, cut in half, then halve it again and remove seeds
  • cut tuna into .65 cm slices
  • then cut again into long .65 cm strips
  • cut nori sheets in half
  • mix 60 mL water with 2tsp of  rice vinegar to create tezu
  • place the shiny side down of the nori sheet onto the bamboo mat
  • coat your clean hands with the tezu mixture as well as a 120 mL measuring cup
  • pack measuring cup with rice
  • roll into a ball then spread loosely over nori leaving about 2.5cm around edges
  • Add strip of tuna or cucumber, and roll/pack using the mat
  • wet a knife with a damp towel, and cut the roll in half then thirds.

Don’t forget the soy sauce, wasabi and ginger.


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