5 Tips to Ski Better By Friday

Mark KilhamGrowing up in South Africa, skiing was never a go-to when it came to options for outdoor activities. However, after relocating to Germany, I quickly realized the appeal of the sport, and have enjoyed learning the ins and outs of skiing. While there are countless ways to improve your performance as a skier – no matter what your current level of ability, I find the following areas to be most helpful.

1. General Fitness

Okay, so this is not an overnight fix, but it is important to evaluate and improve upon your overall health in order to improve your performance as a skier. The right balance of good nutrition, cardio exercise, strength training and flexibility are key factors in your capacity to improve how well you ski – not to mention how much sleep you’re getting, how much stress is in your life and your general well-being. Paying close attention to your current health habits and where they could use some assistance is the first step in becoming a fine-tuned athlete. To learn more about strength training exercises, see my video on kettle bell training here.

2. Take  A Lesson

While this may seem obvious for beginners, many people who have been skiing for a long time often forgo taking lessons because they don’t feel they need it. However, even the most experienced professional skiers have a coach! If you haven’t had a lesson in a while, you should sign up for one. Be clear about your level of experience so that you are matched with the appropriate instructor. Not only will a skiing lesson help you brush up on the basics, but it will likely open you up to techniques, skills and information that can bring your degree of expertise to the next level.

3. Check Your Equipment

One common oversight for long-time skiers is adequately updating their equipment. It’s easy to just keep using the equipment that you have owned because it is convenient and available. However, if you haven’t purchased new equipment in ten years, it is time for your to do a full inventory and evaluation of what you have. Is the equipment in good working condition? Does it fit your current body size? Is it safe? These are all questions that easily get overlooked, but it’s important that the equipment that you are using is a perfect fit – not just a passable fit! Similarly, if you are renting, make sure that you spend a lot of time ensuring that all of the equipment fits you perfectly. Take the extra time to do this upfront to avoid discomfort and possible injury.

4. Take it Easy

If you haven’t been skiing in a while, or if this is your first time, make a point to take it a bit easier as you ease into the sport. You certainly don’t want to be too sore tomorrow to enjoy Day Two of Skiing!

5. Plan Your Day

Before arriving to your skiing destination, make a point to plan out what your day will look like. Include breaks, meeting points, trails and any other information that’s pertinent to properly outlining your day. This will help streamline your day so that you can just enjoy the time that you have outside.

Good luck!

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Safa living in Munich, Germany. Lover of life hacks, sport and a cold beer on a warm day