Mark Kilham

South African-born Mark Kilham is an athlete, a wine aficionado, a chef and a financial advisor living in Munich.

Mark Kilham

Mark Kilham

Mark Kilham has spent the past decade building a career dedicated to empowering people with the tools to manage their financial health. Mark is passionate about his work as a financial advisor, and takes great joy in effecting positive change, one client at a time. Though he was born in South Africa, Mark has spent much of his adult life living and working in Europe and currently resides in Munich, Germany. When Mark isn’t busy sharing his insights on wealth management, he can be found exploring various destinations in Europe, organizing events for fellow expats or engaging in a number of sports. Most recently, he has devoted much of his time to learning how to cook.

A Life-long Athlete

As a native South African, Mark believes that being a sportsman runs in his blood. Mark picked up his first tennis racket at the age of three, and hasn’t been able to put it down since. Before reaching 10 years of age, Mark had placed in the national tennis championships in Namibia and captained Northern Botswana. In addition to tennis, Mark grew up playing cricket, rugby and swimming. At High school in Cape Town, Mark was introduced to rowing and fell in love with the sport from the first touch of the oar. As the youngest member of this top-ranked team, Mark threw himself into training and found that he was drawn to the discipline and the competitive nature of the sport. Under the guidance of a particularly motivational coach, Mark eventually led his teammates as Stroke. Upon graduating from university, Mark promptly earned his day skipper’s certification.

After leaving South Africa and moving to France, Mark found himself cycling regularly and recalls feeling like a competitor in the tour-de-france every time he got on the bike. Most recently, however, Mark has tested the limits of his athletic prowess by learning how to ski. Because Mark currently resides in Munich, his relative proximity to the Alps has allowed for a few brief ski holidays, where Mark has jumped (and occasionally tumbled) right into the sport.

The World of an Expat: Braiis and Viticulture

Accompanying this thirst for sport is an inborn desire to connect with fellow South Africans living abroad. Mark Kilham has hosted various events for expats, and recently partnered with a South African wine importer and restaurateur to host a food and wine tasting event. Through all of these social gatherings, Mark’s intention remains unchanged. He hopes to recreate the warmth of a traditional South African braai, where people come together to watch a sport, chat, drink and throw some meat on the grill.

True to his South African roots, another of Mark’s long-term interests is learning about wines and viticulture. South Africa is home to the legendary vineyards and production hubs of Stellenbosch, Paarl and Franschhoek, and Mark’s extensive knowledge of these areas has proven to be quite helpful in his work hosting expat events!